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Catherine S. Katz, Ph.D.
Catherine S. Katz, Ph.D., is an expert cook and developed the recipes and
meal plan for The Flavor Full Diet.

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Catherine S. Katz, Ph.D., is an expert cook and developed the recipes and meal plan for The Flavor Full Diet as well as those for www.thewaytoeat.net.

Catherine earned her bachelor's degree in psychology at The University of California at Berkeley, and her doctoral degree in neuroscience from Princeton University. She has made significant scientific contributions to the study of olfaction (sense of smell) and its link to memory and learning.

Catherine was raised in the South of France and learned the fine art of southern French and North African cooking from her mother and aunt. She first came to the United States at age 14, and promptly gained about 25 lbs from her sudden immersion in the "toxic nutritional environment" of the United States. It took her several years to learn the strategies necessary to compensate for the challenges of that environment and stabilize her weight. Those strategies were further refined when she met and married David, and they began the process of blending their culinary and nutrition expertise.

During recent years, Catherine's talents have been devoted to the raising of their five children and raising the standards of gourmet nutrition. She created and tested over 100 recipes for the Flavor Full Diet, every one of which was subject to David's high nutritional standards (verified by detailed analysis conducted by two dietitians), along with Catherine's own high standards of culinary excellence.

Catherine's cooking talents have been featured in 'O,' The Oprah Magazine, Child Magazine, Men's Health, Women's Health & Fitness, and several books, as well as cooking classes for both adults and children at the Silo Cooking School in New Milford, Connecticut, where among other famous chefs, Jacques Pepin has taught. She offered a series of cooking classes, based on The Flavor Full Diet meal plan, at the cooking schools of the Central Market supermarket chain in the summer of 2006. Catherine also provided supervision to the culinary staff at Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT, when the entire hospital cafeteria adopted the Flavor Full Diet meal plan in February, 2006.

Catherine has collaborated with David to develop an innovative nutrition training program for elementary school students, The Nutrition Detectives Program, which teaches children to see past food industry deceptions and make good choices in the supermarket. The program has been delivered in schools across Connecticut and the US, and is being piloted in several states, including a district-wide implementation in Independence, MO.

Catherine and David live in Connecticut with their 5 children: Rebecca (17), Corinda (16), Valerie (11), Natalia (10), and Gabriel (6).

The Katz Family
David and Catherine Katz with their family of five children.