Vice Versa… (responding to the October snow storm aftermath in verse)

After the storm…

…something insists I fill the space

with words


an epitaph                       a eulogy


for death


has spread a table

in my yard              mauled

the magnolia              left beaten


branches bent           in  disregarded

prayer              needing only


a handful more of days


to have shed

its leaves    but  the sky                bled





defiled the pine

mangled the weeping cherry             left

the larch in tatters          everything


that mattered in the wealth

of summer



…after the storm


up and down

the road the chain saw

squeals                the way is littered with


what was


summer’s robes             autumn’s


hope of glory


a gory battlefield           fodder

for a winter



It is not philosophy I seek              but



with whose voice

the spring will speak       and whisper


of a tempered wind     and what becomes

of summer’s song           with only empty


space where trees belong      will only


silence greet

the dawn…


…after the storm?


-Susan A. Katz

November 13, 2011


(And in response…)



-seeking it, after the storm (CT; October, 2011)

mangled limbs and

battered boughs would

seem to denigrate all vows and leave

us where all trust is

spent on antecedents of


for we are wont to

gaze on high at figurines

of branch on sky-

now broken, martyred

torn asunder.

Solace?  lies not

up, but under.

where humble roots hug

humbler dirt-

in vacant spaces trees

once stood

no such embrace,

there is no wood.

Deplore the scene of waste

and spoil; but at its

feet some comfort lies interred.

But for the fall

of former

trees from grace, a want

of soil may be inferred.







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